Wythall Nurseries Christmas Trees
Wythall Nurseries Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

We grow our quality trees from saplings on our site in Wythall. All of which are regularly pruned and cut at the last possible moment so you can be sure you have something really special for Christmas.


The saplings come to us when they are 12 months old to be planted in the field and we grow them for up to 9 years to become the tree that goes into your home.


We have four types of tree currently growing, the traditional fast growing Norway Spruce, the hardy non-needledrop Nordmann Fir, Scott's Pine and Blue Spruce.


Come and see us for our wide variety of cut and potted trees in a multitude of sizes. If you can't find anything already cut to your liking you can bring your wellies and we'll take you into the field where you can choose from our entire stock!

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